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RFID Capabilities

When implementing RFID technology customers need to ask themselves whether they have the internal resources to execute an RFID project.

Is it really cost effective to divert internal staff from mission critical business functions?

There are many considerations to completing an RFID project successfully.

  • How will signal obstacles and RFI considerations be mitigated?

  • How will tags and readers be configured, staged, shipped to various locations ready to go when they are needed?

  • How will the customer’s users learn the new processes and operational procedures?

  • How will the system documentation and the SOP be developed?

  • Who is going to manage the thousands of details involved in a large scale roll out and deal with the issues that arise?

A1X Automation has the experience and expertise to design, configure and integrate your RFID project:

Site Survey:

The first step in any RFID project is a survey of the site to identify RFI (radio frequency interference) and signal propagation issues. The A1X Site Survey will generate a 2D RF map of your facility showing RFI sources, dead spots and obstacles that will prevent 100% RFID coverage. A report is then generated and delivered to you detailing how to overcome each consideration. The cost of survey and report is usually under $5K.

RFID Project Management Services:

A1X Automation handles the details of a large or small scale, RFID technology roll out so you can focus on your core business.


RFID Integration to your software systems.

A1X Automation has the software expertise to integrate RFID tag data from readers to all of your applications. We can also integrate Read/Write tags so tags can be updated with new data at each stage of your process.

Application Documentation:

A1X will document your RFID application so your personel can effectively operate and maintain your RFID system.


RFID Deployment Training:

A1X works with each client to ensure that all personnel are trained on the use & maintenance of any RFID technology solution.


Tag Encryption:

Storing proprietary data on the tags? Do you need your tags encrypted so nobody else can read or write to them? A1X has the expertise to make your tags secure. Please see the below case study.

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