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champ engineering enables north american manufacturers to effectively compete with manufacturers utilizing low cost labor by providing leading edge automation engineering and automated machine development.
why automate your factory


Quality Control

Automation improves quality by reducing the variability of most processes. Reducing variability has a ripple effect that can drastically improve a manufacturing process. Using automation forces the quality of all feed processes to be improved because even the best automation is generally intolerant to large variations in incoming product. Automation also indirectly improves quality by providing a stable process, which creates a springboard for additional quality improvements.

Increased Capacitycustom manufacturing machine

Many times automation is undertaken to increase capacity. A well designed system can produce more product per square foot than any of the manual alternatives. Automation also can produce the product with little or no direct labor costs. Though no one wants manufacturing capacity to sit idle, its much easier and cheaper to turn off an automated line, than a line staffed by workers.

Improved Productivity

Automation is an incredible productivity booster. No other solution can reduce direct labor costs so dramatically. In addition, many newer automation technologies can be reconfigured or redeployed to make a different product.

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